Morning ride

Our dreams still floating about us, under layers of fabric and lies, we make our daily way to work. As if our lives depended on it. We make enemies, we fight battles, we lose wars.

Sometimes, when Tinder is down, we look up. And we keep swiping. We match and unmatch, set up dates only to check if we can and then we cancel them for lack of time. It is only 10 minutes or half and hour or an hour before the shift starts. All that our morning ride can afford.

And yet how easily we fool ourselves into believing in yet another day that’s just beginning, promising something new each time. Such a feeling of possibility being born under our warm clothes, a feeling of yes, I know it, I can do it, I got it. And we only allow ourselves the freedom we get in those minutes of awakenness before the light turns green again and it is time to move on.

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